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S.T. International, based in California, USA, is a global leader in the aquarium supply business offering innovative solutions through impressive product lines. With revolutionizing style, S.T. International, produces advanced aquarium products for marine & freshwater use. From Ellion® Food Series to Rolden® planted aquatic garden tools, aquarium tank instruments & hardware to Diamond™ water conditioner, S.T. International offers a variety of items with superior design and functionality that will exceed all aquarium lovers' expectations!


Our Mission

To present our customers with unique and superior quality aquarium products and provide innovative solutions to help aquarium keepers care for their aquatic creatures and plants in the best way possible.


Our Brands


Offers the World renowned Diamond™ Water Conditioner, as well as Coral Salt, Beneficial Bacteria, Aqua Soil, Aquatic Fertilizers & more.



One of the best Koi Food in the World! Used by Champion Koi Breeders - specially formulated to meet Koi’s nutritional needs providing an essential balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins & carbohydrates to enhance the Koi's overall health & beauty.



Premier aquarium hardware that leads the market in breakthrough technology and outstanding quality. Rolden® products have state-of-the-art design and style - examples include the metallic shine finish on the Rolden® Auto Feeder & Dosing Pump. Rolden® stands apart from competitors by offering very unique products and most of Rolden® products are guaranteed with a 2-year warranty (please refer to warranty info in manual).



S.T. International also offers a more affordable brand still with one-of-a-kind products. Take the revolutionary Low-Water Level Filter which only needs a water depth of 1.25 inches of water in the aquarium to function - this item is excellent for reptiles, amphibians & fish. Unique aquarium hardware, water treatments, fish food & more at a reasonable price and with reliable functionality.